Section 30 Assessments

A section 30 assessment refers to section 30 of the Children’s Law Reform Act which governs the appointment of assessors to assess Decision-Making Responsibility (custody) and Parenting Time (access) matters and to report on that assessment to the parents and the Court. Section 30 assessments may be entered into voluntarily on the consent of both parties, or by court order to assist in the determination of Decision-Making Responsibility (custody) and Parenting Time (access) matters.


Stephanie Kuiack, as a Section 30 assessor will conduct the assessment as neutrally as possible and she will set out a clear process for the assessment which will include the intake (referral) process, assessment procedures and post-assessment disclosure plan.


In the assessment process, the assessor meets with both parents on several occasions as well as with the child(ren). The assessor will review information from multiple sources such as the police or Children’s Aid, from the school, and medical, dental and counselling records of either or both parents and child(ren) as well as speak with other persons who can provide information regarding the family.


Section 30 assessments require the cooperation and consent of both parents in order for the assessor to access information and speak with people, which by law, shall not be unreasonably withheld. Given the intensity and intrusiveness of a Section 30 assessment, these should not be entered into lightly. It is advised that people consult with a family law lawyer before entering into this process.


Stephanie Kuiack has a great deal of experience conducting Section 30 (as well as Section 112) assessments. Please contact the office to discuss the process of commissioning a Section 30 assessment.