Marital Separation

Closure Counseling

When you have decided to separate you will benefit from Closure Counselling. Closure Counseling ensures you both have a shared understanding of your relationship, all the benefits and issues, so that you can leave the relationship with clarity and confidence. Closure Counseling reduces the risk of ongoing conflict after the relationship is over, as well as helps you to make better choices in your next relationship.

Parenting Plans and
Co-parenting counseling

When you have made the mutual decision to separate, you require a Parenting Plan. A Parenting Plan is a document that outlines how you intend to co-parent your children because the one thing you will always share is your children. At Kith & Kin Counseling Services and Parenting Coordination we work with you to create a parenting plan that has your children’s best interest at the heart of it, and we do this in a cooperative and calming way.


And once the Parenting Plan is in place, we offer Co-parenting Counseling to assist you to follow your plan and co-parent effectively so that your children continue to benefit.