When should you seek a counselor?

Please contact a qualified counselor should you experience any of the following:


  • Ongoing marital or family conflict
  • Concern for a child’s behaviour, school performance or social adjustment
  • Problematic communication or conflict in relationships
  • Verbal, emotional or physical abuse
  • A need for a parenting plan during marital separation and divorce
  • Grief due to loss of any kind
  • When you are adjusting to changes in your family, from loss or additions (including post-partum depression)
  • Difficulty with work-family balance
  • Difficulty adjusting to your own or a family member’s aging
  • Inter-generational conflict
Do I need a referral for counselling or therapy?

No, you can contact Kith & Kin Counselling Services directly to request service.

Are the services of a counselor covered by my insurance?

It is likely that counseling or therapy for mental health concerns are covered to some extent. Some benefit programs have preferred service providers while others allow you to choose a counselor on your own.


In the latter case, some benefits programs specify the professional qualifications a counselor must have for coverage. For instance, sometimes only the services of a Registered Social Worker are reimbursed. Or only the services of a psychologist are reimbursed. It is important to review your benefits program to establish what services, provided by whom, are covered.

Does Kith & Kin Counselling Services provide receipts for reimbursement?

Yes, a receipt for counselling is provided to clients for services through a psychology professional corporation.

Do I need to bring a health card or other information about my insurance or benefits provider?

No. You provide payment to your counselor. Then a receipt is provided so that you may submit at your convenience and receive reimbursement directly from your insurance or benefits provider.

Is what I talk about with my therapist confidential?

Yes, within limits. All therapists is obliged to keep all your discussions confidential unless you state that you plan to hurt yourself, another person, a child under the age of 16 years seems to be at risk or if the files are subpoenaed by court. Limits to confidentiality are explained carefully before beginning work with your therapist.

What if I don’t feel comfortable with my therapist?

Research on the therapeutic process has shown that the relationship between the client and therapist is very important for the process of therapy to be effective and change to occur. As such, if you are not feeling comfortable for any reason with your therapist, the therapist will not only understand that continuing the relationship may be futile, but in most cases will gladly refer you to someone they believe that you will work well with.

What is the “counselling approach” at Kith & Kin Counselling Services?

Kith & Kin Counselling Services works within a systemic model. This means that your Kith & Kin counselor considers all the people and influences on you when they work with you to facilitate change. You are not considered to exist in isolation of the people and environment you interact with.

Is counselling a long-term relationship?

This really depends on what goals you set for your counseling. At Kith & Kin Counselling Services, I seek to move toward change and achieve your counseling goal at a pace that is most comfortable to you. You’ll be encouraged to create a time-line for service early in our relationship so that I might fashion our work together that respects this time-line.

How do I end the counselling relationship?

Clients may opt out of service at any time without cause or explanation. I encourage my clients to keep me informed on how they are feeling and whether they want to continue the work. This is done so that if you are considering terminating or taking some time off we can use our last session to review what we have accomplished and plan for how you might proceed outside of the counselling relationship.

What is Stephanie’s philosophy on counselling?

While I respect the goals set by each client, I do bring to the relationship a desire to provide tools to the client so that they may not only work through the current issue but have transferable skills to other areas or concerns in their life.


I assign homework which may be something to do or think about between appointments so that the work you are doing continues outside my office. I provide resources – book summaries, questionnaires, articles, etc – that generate greater insight into your area of concern.


I want all my clients to feel confident that, should an issue similar to the one that brought them to me in the first place arise in their life they will have the capability to manage it as a result of the work they have completed with me.

Is there free parking at your office?

Yes, there is plenty of free parking at Kith & Kin Counseling Services. You can find directions to our counseling office here.