Kith & Kin Counseling Services


Our services are suitable for anyone who has a concern about a relationship or their role in a family. You can benefit from taking some time and creating a safe place for yourself to discuss and consider important relationships in your life.


We also serve couples who are committed to improving or reconciling their relationship.


Often all members of the family can benefit from accessing service to accept change or loss, explore opportunities and options, or discuss concerns and challenges.


Kith & Kin Counseling Services and Parenting Coordination has graduated counseling fees*. The counseling fee depends on the type of counseling (individual, couple or family) you are accessing and the time of the appointment.


We accept cash, cheque and e-transfer and provide receipts that are honoured by most major benefits programs for the services of a Registered Psychotherapist.


*Please note, graduated fees do not apply to Parenting Coordination services or Section 30 evaluations. Often these services are not covered by insurance or benefits and are not reimbursable.


We continue to offer services via videoconference (zoom) for those clients who live outside our catchment area or who may find attending in-person visits difficult for any reason.