What to Expect at your First Counselling Appointment

It’s ok to ask for help if you are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with a relationship or circumstance.

When you arrive at our counselling office, you can expect to sit in a comfortable ‘living-room’ setting and talk about your concerns. Our task is to discover what the issue is and to explore ways to improve/restore the relationship or manage/resolve the circumstance.

You may come alone, or bring along the person or persons who have a stake in the issue. There will be ‘homework’ assignments that require you apply the tools we have developed in our counselling session outside of the office.

We also offer educational programs. Please see our Programs page. Kith and Kin Counselling offers

  • a program for couples
  • a program for individuals going through a separation
  • a group program for step-parents

Therapy involves change, which can be challenging in many ways. In therapy, we aim to

  • support you through the process
  • help you make appropriate changes
  • and adjust to those changes

We encourage you to be patient with yourself and allow the counselling process to work.

If you have more questions, you can contact us confidentially or you can read our counselling and therapy FAQ’s.